Your products on Google Shopping Ads

How it works

You need two accounts  to make Google Shopping work for you: AdWords and Google Merchant Center.

Heraldbee will helps you create both of them.

You can sign up for these tools manually. Once you have done this, follow our quick walkthroughs below, which explain the basics of setting up both accounts.

How to get Google Adwords

Create your Google Ads (AdWords) account:

Many merchants use Google AdWords as a way to get their products seen by potential buyers.
You can use Google Ads to display your products as search ads, display ads, video ads, or in-app mobile ads on the Google network.

Find out more about Google Ads via Google’s Help Center.

Or, watch the video below:

How to get a Google Merchant Center Account

Create your Google Merchant Center account:

Google Merchant Center is where your feed lives. It’s also the place where you can set tax and shipping rules, both of which are required before running Google Shopping Ads. The feed contains data about your products, presented in a format that Google can read and understand. There are two main ways to build a feed:

  1. Manually–by entering your product information into a spreadsheet according to Google’s specifications.
  2. By using an extension, plugin, app, or service that pulls data from your site and formats it in a way Google likes.

We’ll discuss the pros and cons later, but for now, here’s how to create your Merchant Center account. To get started visit and click sign up. Here are a few tips for setting up shop.

Have access to your domain registrar – You’ll need to verify that you own your site and then claim it for use in Merchant Center. The easiest way to do this is by logging into your domain registrar and giving Google access. This can all be done directly from Merchant Center.

Know your tax and shipping settings – Under General Settings in Merchant Center, you’ll need to set up both tax and shipping rules. For sales tax you can enter your rates directly or pick the states you charge sales tax in and allow Google to determine the rate. For shipping you can choose between a flat rate (which could include free shipping), carrier-calculated, based on the carriers you use, or base it on a rate table or rules chosen by you.

How to link Merchant Center to AdWords

Link Merchant Center to AdWords – Under “Settings” and “AdWords” is the option to link your AdWords Account. You’ll need a 10 digit AdWords ID in order to link the two. You’ll also need to be logged in with an email address that has admin access to both Merchant Center and AdWords.

Find out more about Google Ads at Google’s Merchant Help Center

Once you have integrated Google AdWords and Google Merchant Center, you can use Heraldbee to optimize your campaigns in Google Shopping.

Heraldbee uses the Google API to provide you with:

  • Quick price updates in a Google Shopping PLA ad;
  • A quick update of the stock availability status in Google Shopping PLA ads
  • The fastest possible change processing in Google.

Heraldbee optimizes campaign settings per Product, while marketing agencies usually optimize campaign settings per Category.

What factors are taken into account when optimizing a PLA Google Shopping campaign?

  • Location and language;
  • Type of device – the probability of purchases being made via mobile devices may vary, depending on the types of products sold;
  • Time – the time of day can effect how well your views convert into sales;
  • Purchase intentions of the customer – this depends on the accuracy of the query;
  • The most profitable level of the rate per click.

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