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Your products on
Google Shopping Ads

Turn your product feed into Google Shopping Ads with just a few simple clicks. These factors are taken into account when optimizing Google Shopping campaigns:



type of device


purchase intentions

profit level

maximum rate per click

product feed


Campaign Updates

Your ads will always show the actual products that you sell.

Prospecting Ads

Take advantage of the new targeting methods from Google Shopping Ads.

Feed Optimizer

We can optimize your product feed and enable click fraud protection on Google Shopping.

Google API

allows users to effectively manage sponsored ads in Google Shopping (PLA) by using the Google API

Learning Machine

collects and analyzes data from Google and Merchant Center, learning the optimal strategy

per Product

optimizes campaign settings per product

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Heraldbee is super easy to use. We offer one click setup - no marketing skills are required and it’s hassle free!

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We produce smart wallets that communicate with your smartphone. We have multilingual e-commerce stores in a few countries around the world, but only a few competitors. Thanks to Heraldbee we have increased the exposure of our products on Google and increased sales by 120% in 2 months ! Thank you guys.

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AI Intelligence

We constantly test and improve our algorithms, which will significantly increase your sales.


The most simple app on the market.


The Campaigns List dashboard shows an overview of all campaigns. One click on the campaign name will show all the campaign details.

Cloud computing

The benefits of cloud computing services include the ability to scale easily.

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