Turn your product feed into Google Shopping Ads in a few simple clicks

These factors are taken into account in optimizing the Google Shopping campaigns

  • Location and language;
  • Type of device – probability of purchasing via mobile devices may vary, depending on the type of products;
  • Time – depending on the time of day, your customers can convert differently;
  • Purchase intentions of a customer – the level of the customer’s purchase intentions depend on the accuracy of the query;
  • The most profitable level of the maximum rate per click.

What is HeraldBee?

This Google Shopping App is developed for Shopify and is made to easily connect your Shopify store with Google Merchant account. With the Google Merchant service from Google you can submit all your products to Google Shopping and create new visitors and sales from the Google network. The Google Merchant Center interface is especially designed to help merchants in submitting their products to Google Shopping.

Heraldbee updates XML feed everyday so your products are always up to date in your Google Merchant account. To avoid errors, the extension is designed to gain all the necessary data for your Google merchant account.

Google Shopping Optimizer

Thanks to HeraldBee you won’t have to look for the optimal settings in Google Ads for your advertising campaigns – we’ll do it for you. You don’t have to worry about how to set and connect your Adwords and Merchant Center accounts – we will synchronize with them by ourselves.


Google AdWords API

HeraldBee is an application that allows one to effectively manage sponsored ads in Google Shopping (PLA) by using the Google API. Heraldbee uses the Google API to provide you with quick price updates, quick update of the stock availability status and the fastest possible changes processing in Google.

AI Intelligence

HeraldBee collects and analyzes data from Google and Merchant Center, learning the optimal strategy. At HeralBee, we constantly test and improve our algorithms, which will significantly increase your sales. You won’t have to pay high commissions to advertising agencies anymore, and you won’t have to engage the so-called ”experts” – we’ll help you configure the best ads.

Better than an agency

An advertising agency usually uploads a regular XML product feed to the Merchant Center ( Google’s tool), so that it can manually manage your advertising campaign. Such a state of affairs gives rise to numerous complications (updates with 24-hour delay). HeralBee optimizes campaign settings per Product, while marketing agencies usually optimize campaign settings per Category.

Google Partner

Specialists working on your campaigns gain Google Partner status. As members of the Forbes Community Councils, we exchange experiences with the most significant leaders in the industry. We participate in all major industry conferences.

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