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Cobiro alternative

Free to try Cobiro alternative

Heraldbee is a 100% free to try Cobiro alternative that brings new visitors to your store who are likely to convert. We can help drive thousands of shoppers to your store.

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Differences between Cobiro and Heraldbee

What’s the same:

Both offer a solution for Google Shopping Campaigns

Both enable every product to be targeted individually, not with `catch-all`

Both take a number of factors into account when optimizing Google Shopping campaigns

Both provide location bid modifiers

What’s different:

Heraldbee is much easier to use. It comes with a one click setup ensuring a hassle-free experience. No marketing skills are required.

Heraldbee is more focused on acquisition

Heraldbee has a built-in Feed Optimizer

Heraldbee is fully automated

Cobiro vs Heraldbee

Both Heraldbee and Cobiro are good solutions for Google Shopping Ads. Cobiro also offers remarketing, which while super convenient, makes it more expensive. Heraldbee,on the other hand, focuses more on bringing traffic and new customers to your shop. Heraldbee collects and analyzes data from Google and Merchant Center, learning the optimal strategy. At Heraldbee, we constantly test and improve our algorithms, which will significantly increase your sales. You won’t have to pay high commissions to advertising agencies anymore, and you won’t have to engage the so-called ”experts” – we’ll help you configure the best ads.

Why switch from Cobiro to Heraldbee?

The specialists working at Heraldbee on your campaigns have Google Partner status. As members of the Forbes Community Council, we exchange our experiences with the most significant leaders in the industry. We participate in all the major industry conferences.

What Heraldbee does better than Cobiro


Heraldbee is the only application on the market that ensures you are receiving an accurate snapshot of your website’s traffic, both in quantity and quality. Our algorithms will drive your indicators crazy!

Easy to use

Heraldbee is the most user-friendly app available on the market. With, just a few simple clicks, you can launch your first Google Shopping campaign!


You won’t have to jump between Google Ads and Google Merchant Center to find out news about your campaigns. Our app displays all the important information in a clear way!

Price ($0)

When you sign up to our free trial, we’ll show you the errors in your Google Merchant account, explain how to fix them, and optimize your Google Shopping campaigns.

What makes Heraldbee a great Cobiro alternative?

1. Insanely easy to use

What differentiates us from Cobiro is the fact that you need to follow significantly fewer steps to launch your campaign. There’s no need to break through a load of complicated settings because the software is fully intuitive.

2. Free to try

Our free 7 day trial provides you with the most important information on how to configure your shop’s settings for the greatest visibility in Google Shopping.

3. Fully-automated

We’ll create your Google Ads account! What’s more, we’ll launch your Google Merchant Center account! We’ll configure your campaigns, integrate our machine learning, and show you your campaign’s profitability while you sit back and enjoy the traffic on your website and the increased sales!

4. Great support

Our individual approach is the key to your success. If you’re struggling to get started with Google Shopping, we will be more than happy to assist you!


We produce smart wallets that communicate with your smartphone. We have multilingual e-commerce stores in a few countries around the world, but only a few competitors. Thanks to Heraldbee we have increased the exposure of our products on Google and increased sales by 120% in 2 months ! Thank you guys.

Mark from Woolet.co

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