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Your products on Google Shopping Ads

Advertising with a Small Budget


An effective advertising campaign is essential – If you ask marketing experts about the recipe for a successful e-commerce store, they all agree that effective advertising campaign is the key element. When the shop website is ready, online store owners face a difficult next step. They must somehow attract customers. Advertising is undoubtedly what drives e-commerce. However, there’s a common opinion that effective online advertising, i.e. one that generates sales, must be expensive. Thus, only large stores and well-known brands can afford it. Today we will try to convince small businesses and beginner stores that this is not true. Even with a small budget you can achieve a lot in the world of marketing.


An effective advertisement doesn’t have to be expensive!



First of all, stores with a small budget for advertising are usually unable to pay for marketing experts or marketing agencies. Although this solution seems to be the only possible one, it’s no. For the last few years, the e-commerce market has been growing quickly. Hence, many intelligent tools have been and are being created. They are available to everyone and their goal is to accelerate and automate many marketing tasks and processes. So if you have a small budget, look around carefully, research the options and learn to use the mechanisms available on the market.

First of all, take a look at Google Shopping Ads, which gives great opportunities to reach a wide audience without having to spend a lot of money. Your willingness to learn in combination with various forms of automation can make the Google Shopping campaign a great success. There are many tools and applications that can automate both the entire campaign and its individual elements (e.g. product feed). You will definitely find something for yourself! Although these tools are not free, their cost is much lower than the services of marketing agencies. Additionally, they eliminate manual work and thus save a lot of time.


You have an online store and you want to drive new traffic to your website?


What’s more, Google is also trying to simplify the process of creating Google Shopping Ads by working on automation on its side, i.e. Smart Shopping.

Facebook Ads, with Facebook Dynamic Ads among others, are also worth checking. Thanks to the huge reach of Facebook itself, these ads can be a valuable and relatively inexpensive form of promotion.


Marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Allegro are not only platforms for selling products. They are also a kind of exhibition that works like an online shopping center. E-commerces with a small budget for advertising can reach a large audience thanks to the recognition of these websites.

Many marketplaces are well-known brands themselves, popular and trusted among shopaholics. So don’t be afraid to display your products in there. You will gain new sales funnels and advertising at the same time!


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process that aims to improve visibility in organic search results. Organic means results that have not been paid, unlike, e.g., Google Shopping Ads. Well prepared and well-executed SEO can, therefore, be an ideal way of advertisement with small budget. However, SEO cannot be treated as a shortcut. It requires a lot of engagement, knowledge and experience.

Search Engine Optimization consists of a number of different activities, such as work on the look, content and usability of the website, the quality of links leading to the page, the technical side of the project, presence in social media and online forums and many other. However, don’t let the multitude of tasks discourage you from SEO! If you treat it in a professional way, it can result in effective and cheap online advertising.


Even with a small budget you can succeed in e-commerce!


Attention to detail

The last aspect we would like to mention today is not actually a way of advertising products. However, it may indirectly improve the efficiency of the above-mentioned methods. What is it? Attention to detail and overall quality of both product and website. Carefully prepared website content, solid and attractive products, as well as constant contact with customers, really pay off! Thanks to such approach you’ll build a recognizable and trustworthy brand.


We hope that today’s post has helped you believe that even with a small budget, you can advertise your products on the Internet. Remember to use the tools available on the market, try to automate some processes, cooperate with marketplaces and take care of SEO. This way you can succeed even with a small budget.


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