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Your products on Google Shopping Ads

27 Tools for Creating Google Shopping Ads


Google Shopping is an important part of online marketing nowadays. Retailers should not overlook it while advertising their products, as the number of its viewers increases every year. On the other hand, the size of worldwide consumption goes up continuously. A great share of the total purchases is made online, so naturally, that’s where customers are looking for inspiration ahead of the shopping. Such a significant demand should be satisfied with a proper advertisement. The marketing industry is not indifferent about those needs. There’s plenty of automation tools available on the market. They can create high-quality Google Shopping campaigns and make retailers’ lives easier at the same time. See below a list of 27 of them!

1. Heraldbee

Heraldbee is a Google Shopping App available on Shopify. It was created with the goal to make people’s life easier by automation of Google Shopping campaigns. The shop owner only needs a running online store to start using the App for creating Google Shopping campaigns. Google Ads and Google Merchant Center accounts are set up automatically by Herladbee and connected with each other.

Main characteristics:

  • Based on Google API, therefore information about products is sourced directly from the store’s website
  • Optimizes the campaign settings per product
  • Free for shops up to 1000 products,
  • Comes with the Chat + Email support (possibility to have a dedicated Account Manager)
  • Intuitive and quick


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2. Whoop!

Whoop! is a software dedicated specifically to Google Shopping. Its main concern is bid management for which the team behind Whoop! developed the tool. But it also allows users to build and manage all other aspects of a Shopping campaign.

Main characteristics:

  • Intuitive and transparent dashboard
  • Advanced bid strategies
  • Top Comparison Shopping Capabilities

See the comparison between Whoop! and Heraldbee

3. AdNabu

AdNabu is a software which creates different subtypes of Google Ads including Google Shopping, regular Search Ads, Call Ads and other. It’s an advanced tool for creation, maintenance and customization of ads.

Main characteristics:

  • Offers building and management of different types of ads
  • Optimizes the bids
  • Eliminates the need for manual intervention

See the comparison between AdNabu and Heraldbee

4. Dream Agility

Dream Agility is a platform specialized in increasing profits for their clients which use different types of online marketing (including Google Shopping Ads).

Main characteristics:

  • Powered by Machine Learning
  • Automates tasks related to running an online ads campaign
  • Produces product feed

See the comparison between Dream Agility and Heraldbee

5. Google Shopping

Shopify also has its Google Shopping App. It allows users to create a Google Shopping campaign and automatically synchronizes the information about products from Shopify store with Google Merchant Center.

Main characteristics:

  • Integrated with a Shopify store
  • Automatically adds conversion tracking events to the Google Ads account
  • User-friendly

See the comparison between Google Shopping and Heraldbee

6. Intelligent Reach

Intelligent Reach is a platform focused on improving the visibility of the products in different marketplaces. It analyzes the product information and optimizes it to increase the conversion rates and maximize the profits.

Main characteristics:

  • Advanced technology
  • Provides services for products listed on different websites – Google, Amazon, eBay
  • Is a cloud-based e-commerce software

See the comparison between Intelligent Reach and Heraldbee

7. DataFeedWatch

DataFeedWatch’s main task is to create and optimize data feed. But apart from that, the app gives the possibility to create text ads (based on the product feed) and to participate in their CSS Program.

Main characteristics:

  • Allows for monitoring the performance of the products on every channel
  • Automatically updates the inventory
  • Very intuitive

See the comparison between DataFeedWatch and Heraldbee

8. Sales & Orders

Sales & Orders is a company which created a platform for ads self-management. It includes a feed tool, a reporting dashboard, bid suggestions or keywords performance among others. Apart from the platform, it has a service of a dedicated Account Manager and an Agency Program in the offer.

Main characteristics:

  • Allows for building and managing campaigns on four different channels: Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, Facebook, and Instagram in a free starter plan
  • Comes with a support
  • Provides a set of their own features and tools within the platform

See the comparison between Sales & Orders and Heraldbee

9. Channable

Channable’s primary purpose is to create better data feeds. A company launched in 2014 has developed an online tool which helps with completing and optimizing the product feed. The feed can be then exported to different channels (including Google). Channable also offers the option to create ads or carry out analysis of the campaign.

Main characteristics:

  • Gives an option to export products to many channels worldwide
  • Focused on gaining more exposure for advertised products
  • Updates product feed daily

See the comparison between Channable and Heraldbee

10. Adaplo

Adaplo name is a combination of two words – “ad” and “aplo”, which means “simple” in Greek. This name is a definition of Adaplo’s mission in the e-commerce world – to make online advertisement easy. Adaplo’s solution gives the possibility to create and manage online campaigns.

Main characteristics:

  • Creates a granular and sophisticated account structure
  • Runs campaign analysis and optimizes it accordingly
  • Updates campaign whenever the feed changes

See the comparison between Adaplo and Heraldbee

11. AdScale

AdScale is another tool that originates from the need of improving advertisement performance and reducing time-consuming work around it at the same time. Built by a team of mathematicians and digital marketing experts to help its users to manage, automate and optimize the online ads.

Main characteristics:

  • Uses advanced algorithms
  • Has an intuitive user interface
  • Maximizes profits from online marketing

See the comparison between AdScale and Heraldbee

12. Blue Winston

Blue Winston is a web-based AdWords automation tool. It gives the option to set up different types of campaigns from text ads to Shopping ads. According to the team behind Blue Winston, it is simple and saves a lot of time.

Main characteristics:

  • Automatically creates keywords using an XML product feed
  • Uses API AdWords
  • Synchronizes prices and products every 6 hours

See the comparison between Blue Winston and Heraldbee

13. FeedSpark

Here’s another tool taking care of the product feed. On their website, we can read that it is mandatory to invest in a high-quality feed partner, as the product feed is a primary foundation of the whole campaign. Besides a wide range of services related to product feed, they also offer Google Shopping assistance.

Main characteristics:

  • Availability of numerous feed formats
  • Uses advanced technology
  • Optimizes product data

See the comparison between FeedSpark and Heraldbee

14. Feedoptimise

As the name suggests it is a platform developed to help show owners in optimizing their product feed. With Feedoptimise assistance it is possible to create and manage data feed and to monitor and manage Google Shopping campaign.

Main characteristics:

  • Updates the feed daily
  • Performs deep real-time performance analytics
  • Gives the possibility to manage Google Shopping bidding

See the comparison between Feedoptimise and Heraldbee

15. Emarketing

Emarketing is a platform for launching and running a campaign on Google Ads, Amazon, Facebook and Instagram. Allows for automation of the whole process and additionally gives the opportunity to perform a comparison with competitors.

Main characteristics:

  • Covers a wide range of supported ads
  • Is easy to set up and fully automated
  • Performs deep analysis of the campaign

See the comparison between Emarketing and Heraldbee

16. Sidecar

Sidecar is a technology created to manage campaigns in Google Shopping and Bing Shopping. Its main task is to analyze trends on the market, track the performance of Shopping campaigns and adjust the settings accordingly.

Main characteristics:

  • Guarantees a product-driven approach
  • Provides a broad range of analytic tools
  • Based on well-developed datasets, advanced machine learning and data science expertise

See the comparison between Sidecar and Heraldbee

17. Pricing Assistant

There are two tools offered by pricing Assistant. The first tool’s main task is to monitor and optimize the pricing strategy of the ads. The second tool gives the opportunity to manage Google AdWords campaigns.

Main characteristics:

  • Automatically matches the products with the competitor’s assortment
  • Regularly monitors the prices in different marketplaces
  • Provides automated reporting

See the comparison between Pricing Assistant and Heraldbee

18. EKM Systems

EKM Systems is a platform with a mission to help people create an online store. It provides all range of services from domain name registration, through building a store itself, to managing the marketing site of the project (including Google Shopping Ads).

Main characteristics:

  • Gives a possibility to build an online shop
  • Provides a full package of services
  • Comes with a support

See the comparison between Dream Agility and Heraldbee

19. Adference

Adference is a tool developed by a group of researchers with a mission to automate bidding and optimize campaigns. They created different models that help with those tasks and made them compatible with Google Ads and Amazon PPC.

Main characteristics:

  • Integrated and automated management of Google Shopping campaign
  • Automated bid adjustments
  • Uses Adference Conversion API

See the comparison between Adference and Heraldbee

20. Adtail

Adtail is an agency specializing in the performance of different types of digital marketing. They offer assistance tailored to every customer.

Main characteristics:

  • Offers a wide range of services
  • Uses technology which allows determining rules that optimize automatic CPC management based on ROI, CPA, and other metrics
  • Cab built a landing page for a client

See the comparison between Adtail and Heraldbee

21. Cobiro

Cobiro is a service which helps retailers to achieve success in Google Marketing. It gives the opportunity to create, optimize and automate Google Shopping campaigns and Google Search Ads.

Main characteristics:

  • The quick and easy onboarding process
  • Fully automates the keywords planning and bidding
  • Supports different integration modules

See the comparison between Cobiro and Heraldbee

22. Adfix

Adfix helps e-commerce companies to achieve success in online advertising. It’s an agency offering building and full management of Google Shopping campaigns.

Main characteristics:

  • Continuously optimizes the campaigns
  • Recommends the campaign strategy
  • Keeps the customer informed at every stage

See the comparison between Adfix and Heraldbee

23. LovelyAds

A platform established to make ads creation easier. Their goal is to simplify the process of setting up a Shopping campaign. Users can work on it autonomously with the assistance of a dedicated expert.

Main characteristics:

  • Segments your catalog by product typology and by brand
  • Configures product feed
  • Sets up the conversion codes

See the comparison between Adfix and Heraldbee

24. SteerFox

SteerFox is an intelligent advertising software designed to save you time, improve your campaign performance and get the results your business needs.

Main characteristics:

  • Supports Google Ads, Facebook, Bing Ads, Google Shopping, Yahoo, Twitter campaigns
  • Offers a free audit of the website
  • Optimizes keywords and bids on a daily basis

See the comparison between SteerFox and Heraldbee

25. Entropy

Entropy is a tool that powers the ads by Artificial Intelligence. It optimizes the Google Shopping and SEM campaigns through Machine Learning Algorithms, increasing your return on investment.

Main characteristics:

  • Automatically sets up the proper bid for every product
  • Optimizes the campaigns in order to reduce human work time
  • Can provide a tailored solution for a client if needed

See the comparison between Entropy and Heraldbee

26. Dynamic Creative

Dynamic Creative promotes itself as an online advertising platform for retailers. The platform allows to create and maintain Google Search, Shopping and Display campaigns. With 17 years of experience in advertising, the team behind Dynamic Creative assures they will adjust the strategy to the budget and the goal of every customer.

Main characteristics:

  • Provides customized machines learning
  • Accompanied by a regular analysis performed by a group of experts
  • Based on the unique ad creative technology

See the comparison between Dynamic Creative and Heraldbee

27. StoreYa

StoreYa is basically an app store, offering many different applications. One of them is a Traffic Booster which automates the Google Ads campaigns and drives new traffic to the advertised store.

Main characteristics:

  • Sets up and optimizes Google Ads account
  • Has a dashboard with many analytic reports
  • Uses different advertising methods

See the comparison between StoreYa and Heraldbee


Don’t waste any more time for manual and, in consequence, time-consuming Google Shopping campaign creation. Let the automation tools make your life easier and give you back the time which can be used in a more productive way.

Feel free to start with downloading Heraldbee today!




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