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What Is Google Shopping API?


What does API mean? How does it work and what is the aim of using API in Google Shopping Ads? In today’s post, you will find the answers to all these questions and hopefully it will help you understand API better. Let’s begin!


Google Shopping API

The acronym API stands for Application Programming Interface and no matter if you’ve heard about it or not, you certainly benefit from it anyway. It is a kind of intermediary between two applications or tools, which allows them to exchange information and communicate with each other. App developers create it every time they want to make the use of their application easier for other developers or just users, without understanding how it’s built.


API is an intermediary between two applications or tools


An example of API in every-day life may be a food ordering platform or a hotel booking platform. These websites give customers an opportunity to compare many available options and pick the most suitable one. It is possible without entering the website of a specific restaurant or a hotel. It happens thanks to API. API records the search criteria, compares them with the restaurant’s or hotel’s database (availability, prices, location etc.) and finally returns with the results.


What is the aim of API in Google Shopping campaigns?

After creating a Google Merchant Center account, a retailer needs to upload the product data feed, in order to be able to launch a Shopping Ads campaign. There are different ways to do it – a manual upload from a local file, via Google Sheet, via scheduled fetches, through a supported e-commerce platform or by developing an API content. This last option is the most automated and most effective. API Content for Google Shopping gives the application a possibility to directly interact with the Google Merchant Center account. Consequently the information about the advertised products is updated immediately when changed on the source website.


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What are the advantages of API in Google Shopping?

Google created an API for Google Shopping Ads following its increasing popularity and the necessity to meet expectations of bigger and bigger customers. The most important advantages of using API content for Google Shopping Ads instead of manually updating the product feed are:

  • Automated management of the account
  • Ads management on a per-product basis
  • Scheduling of data feed
  • Managing complex tax and shipping settings


API content for Shopping Ads makes it possible to effectively manage a campaign


Who can benefit from API for Google Shopping?

API is strongly recommended for big businesses. The more products there are in a shop, the more difficult it becomes to update all data manually. API content for Shopping Ads makes it possible to effectively manage a complex shopping campaign for a huge amount of products. However now, thanks to applications like Heralbee, everybody can benefit from API in Google Shopping Ads world. Heralbee uses Google API to provide customers with:

  • A quick update of prices in Google Shopping campaign
  • A quick update of the stock availability status in Google Shopping campaign
  • The fastest possible change processing in Google



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