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Your products on Google Shopping Ads

Why Is Google Shopping Not Working?


Google Shopping Ads is a tool with huge potential, offering nearly unlimited possibilities. To see how well it may work out for an online shop, check out our article about 8 case studies of successful Shopping Ads campaigns – Is It Worth Investing in Google Shopping Ads? [Case Studies].

Would you like to become one of those success stories one day? With Google Shopping Ads you certainly can. However, there are many stops and usually a few obstacles to overcome on the way to success. From the first step, which is creating a Google Ads account to the final effect, a rewarding shopping campaign every retailer commits mistakes and faces challenges. Today we will try to guide you through some of those issues and advise how to deal with them.

Let’s see what may go wrong in the Google Shopping Ads creating process!


Google Merchant Center account

There are two absolutely necessary things to do right after creating the account in Google Merchant Center – merging this account with Google Ads account and verifying the online shop website. More details about this process can be found in our posts How to use Google Merchant Center for advertising and Google Merchant Center – The Key To Success Of Every E-Commerce.


Merge Google Center account with Google Ads account


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Incorrect product feed

A product feed is an XML file which contains the list of all products in the offer, together with their features (i.e. prices, condition, availability, description etc.). It is the basis of every Google Shopping Ads campaign because it provides all the necessary data for creating an ad. So it’s extremely important to fill in all the required fields thoroughly because otherwise, Google will not endorse the ads. See some tips about How to Optimize an XML Product File for Google Ads in our article. We also listed a few most common mistakes here: 7 Most Common Mistakes in Google Merchant Center. Make sure to avoid them!


It’s important to fill in all the required fields in product file


Wrongly estimated budget

Google Shopping Ads gives sellers the opportunity to determine the price of ads on their own. On the one hand, it is, of course, a huge advantage of Google Shopping Ads, but at the same time, it may lead to dilemmas. Check out our latest post How Much Do Google Shopping Ads Cost? to find out what aspects should affect this crucial decision – how much to pay for the Google Shopping campaign.


Google gives sellers the opportunity to determine the price of ads on their own


Disapproved products

The product file has been uploaded, the campaign has been created and the budget has been set up but the ads are still not working? Don’t worry, check your diagnostics report, as most probably your products have been disapproved. In the post How to Deal with Disapproved Products in Google Merchant Center? we provide some useful hints on how to deal with that issue.


The campaign doesn’t bring the expected effect

Correct setup of a campaign from a technical point of view is very important but there is another factor which is as much or even more relevant. This factor is a strategy. Every campaign owner should analyze their business and adjust the campaign accordingly. This way it will be as effective as possible. The article 7 Quick And Simple Guidelines On How To Successfully Optimize One’s Product Campaigns will be helpful in this matter!

In addition to what is mentioned in the post, we also suggest using negative keywords to not lose the budget for non-convertible clicks and to pay attention to seasons. It really affects the Shopping Ads campaign if a Friday is the Black Friday and not just a regular Friday!  Read more about those two pieces of advice in the article 2 tips about Google Shopping Ads Optimisation that you probably didn’t know about.


A good strategy is as important as the correct technical setup


The above list of possible issues is not exhaustive for sure, but those are the most common ones in our opinion. Feel free to let us know about your experiences! Remember that with Heralbee many of those issues can disappear, as our support team is always happy to help you with the problems!


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