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5 Tips for E-commerce Entrepreneurs


E-commerce is a very crowded industry nowadays. Even though the number of customers is constantly growing, so is the number of online businesses. It’s not easy to stand out. Today we want to draw your attention to a few aspects that can significantly improve customers’ experience with your shop. In consequence, this will lead to an increase in sales and revenue. It’s a win for everybody – customers enjoy their shopping and you earn more money. Let’s see what you can do to bring this scenario into effect!


E-commerce is a very crowded industry nowadays. It’s not easy to stand out.


1. Stay in contact with customers

Running an online business is characterized by a lack of direct contact with customers. Nonetheless, there are various other ways to establish a relationship with buyers and stay in touch with them. One of the essentials in this area is adding a contact page to the store. Usually, it contains an email address or a phone number, but sometimes also a form.

Another good solution might be a live chat. Such option gives customers an impression of contact with an assistant in a brick-and-mortar shop. They can ask about anything and receive a quick response. It prevents them from leaving the website once coming across an obstacle.

We recommend having a newsletter as well. If prepared thoroughly, it can create a very strong and regular relationship with customers.

Last but not least, a blog page associated with an online store is a great idea to attract the attention of potential customers and earn their trust. With honest, useful and professional articles, store owners can prove they know what’s what and it’s the best way to win over the customers.


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2. Take care of mobile users

In the last years, more than half of all online purchases have been made on mobile. It means that every online store has to be adapted for mobiles, otherwise they lose most of the sales opportunities. People are constantly connected to the web via mobile, carrying it with them everywhere, killing time on a bus, on the beach, even researching while doing shopping in a mall. To attract their attention, an e-commerce store has to be at least mobile-friendly so that they can navigate through it easily. What’s even better, is a dedicated app but it requires much more effort. We recommend it only to well-developed and recognized brands.


How to improve an e-commerce store? Take care of mobile user.


3. Pay attention to images and photos

High-quality photos are another way to substitute customer’s real-life contact with a product. It’s difficult to buy something online, without seeing and touching it first. However, good images together with accurate descriptions help customers make a decision and finalize the purchase. A well-displayed product should have many photos, all in high-quality and with a possibility to zoom in.

It’s also important to take diverse photos, to show the product from different angles, to present the big picture as well as details. A common trend is using a white background as it exposes the features of a product in a neat, classy way.


4. Start advertising products

As soon as the e-commerce store is up and running, time to think about generating some profit out of it. Unfortunately, customers almost never just come to the store, find it by themselves and start buying things. They need a stimulus, notice, some kind of encouragement. This is what advertisement was created for.

An owner of a new online store has different options to promote the business, free and paid ones. It’s advised to set up social media profiles and update them regularly to engage potential customers. A blog associated with the store’s website is another way of advertisement which can lead customers to the store thanks to search engine results.

On the other hand, there are paid alternatives. Google Shopping Ads are the best paid marketing option when it comes to e-commerce. They appear in Google Search results and show potential customers a sample of the offered products. With an image, a price tag and a short description, Google Shopping Ads are basically a taste of what can be found in the shop. Google Shopping Ads can be set up and managed with Heraldbee App. That’s the best option especially for beginners and small shops, but every kind of e-commerce business can benefit from Shopping Ads automation offered by Heraldbee.

Finally, don’t forget about remarketing to attract customers who already visited your store’s website and remind them about your products.


5. Don’t forget about discounts and coupons

Let’s be honest – we all love sales and discounts. It’s just a good feeling to buy something for a lower price. It almost seems like saving! That’s why a store owner shouldn’t forget about discounts and coupons from time to time.

There are multiple ways to do it, starting with the most popular option – percentage discounts. 5%, 10%, 15% will certainly convince customers to buy things. However, it may not be the best method for small or new e-commerce stores which cannot afford to decrease the price.

In such a case, there are other possibilities, like first time buyer’s discount or free shipping. What’s more, coupons like returning customer discount, discounts for membership or referral discounts can not only result in one-time purchases but also in a long-time relationship with a customer.


How to improve an e-commerce store? Don’t forget about discounts and coupons.


Starting an e-commerce store requires work and naturally, people focus on the most essential steps at the beginning. They just want to make it work. As soon as it’s ready, we recommend to go a bit further and put more effort into additional features like blog, live chat, discounts and other elements mentioned above. We guarantee it improves the relationship with customers and pays off in the long term.


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