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Your products on Google Shopping Ads

How to Turn the Traffic from Google Shopping Ads into Sales


Heraldbee App has been created to help retailers with advertising via Google Shopping Ads. Every day we are doing our best to improve the app and in consequence, to make better, more effective ads. Our goal is to drive traffic to your websites, to attract the attention of new and returning customers. However, except for the ad, there is one more stage the customer has to pass through before making a purchase. It’s the store’s website.

If you’ve invested in a good, professional Google Shopping campaign and you see it brings the desired effects, meaning a lot of traffic on the website, but there are no or just a few sales, continue reading. Today, we’ll explain what might be the reason for this.


You have traffic on the website but no sales? Improve the quality of your store.


There are two most essential elements of the online store – website and product. A lot of different factors can affect those elements in a positive or negative way. Let’s dig into them to learn how to benefit from the traffic and not to waste money invested in advertising.



In e-commerce, contact with customers takes place on the Internet only. A store’s website is the most important tool in this interaction. Let’s assume a customer sees an ad, finds it interesting, clicks it and gets redirected to the store. In the first few seconds, they make a decision if it’s worth to stay there and possibly buy the product which caught their attention.


Do you want to drive new traffic to your website?


There are multiple factors affecting customers’ decision in such case:

  • Design – the look of the website is a key tool to interest the customer. The store needs to have a design that matches the company’s brand and philosophy, but also the product it offers. It doesn’t have to be very complex, in many cases the simplicity is what appeals to the shoppers.
  • User experience – user experience is all about the customer’s feelings. Try to put yourself in a customer’s position and go through the process of buying something in your store. Is it intuitional? Do you know where to click to see the details of the product? Can you easily navigate between pages? Do payment methods work? Is it possible to track the order or to return to previous steps? All those aspects can discourage the customer from completing the purchase if they are not though over.
  • Policies – when buying things online, a customer cannot see the product in real life. That’s why it’s crucial to establish the policies of returns and refunds for the store and communicate them to clients. It’s absolutely required to place this section on the store’s website because customers will look for it for sure.  refunds, returns, payment methods
  • Additional sections – there are some supplementary sections of the shop which are not directly related to the sales process, but they can indirectly affect it. A good example is the FAQ segment. Usually, consumers have a lot of questions even after reviewing most of the website. The FAQ gives you the opportunity to address them. Don’t forget about sections like About us page or the Blog. Those are the areas where you can bond a bit with customers, make your store more personal. At the same time, it’s an opportunity to drive additional traffic to the shop for free.


A store’s website is the most important tool in its interaction with a customer.



Without a good product, it’s impossible to become a successful retailer. A product is the foundation of every e-commerce business. Even if a customer, encouraged by the ad, lands on the store’s website and likes it, he will not make a purchase if the product doesn’t meet his expectations.


Here’s what you need to pay attention to:

  • Consistency with the ad – you lose the customer if the landing page doesn’t agree with the ad content.
  • Price, offer – the price of a product can’t be random. Make sure to analyze your costs and the offer of your competitors and set up a reasonable price. Additionally, it’s no secret that different kinds of special offers draw people’s attention. It’s recommended to have them occasionally.
  • Description and images – first of all, a description and an image have to match otherwise you’ll lose the customer immediately. The description should emphasize the most important features of a product but at the same time, it cannot be too specific. Images, on the other hand, should display the details of a product and be in high quality.
  • Reviews – it’s extremely advisable to include reviews section in the e-commerce store. People can be attracted to a product by the image or description but that’s other customers’ opinion what gains their trust. Very often that’s what closes the deal and convinces them to finalize the purchase.



As you’ve probably noticed, there’s a lot of variables in a process of establishing an e-commerce store. But hey, don’t panic! Google has your back in it. With Google Analytics you can monitor user’s path on your website and analyze it. Thanks to this tool, you can find out at which stage a customer gives up the cart and leaves the store without making a purchase. Having a representative amount of data, try to draw some conclusions out of it and figure out what is the issue.




Thanks to Google Analytics, you can find out at which stage a customer gives up the cart and leaves the store.



Advertising is the best and most effective way to get traffic in the store. Nonetheless, we believe that building a professional e-commerce store with a good product is equally important. Those elements should be treated as a whole. If you don’t want to waste your money, one cannot exist without the others.

We understand that all of this can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new in the e-commerce industry. But don’t become discouraged, treat it as a challenge. Success in e-commerce is a combination of hard work and constant learning, but be patient, the effects can be really satisfying! You can get both – traffic and sales.

Remember that Heraldbee can help you with setting up a Google Shopping campaign. What’s more, we can now assist with establishing an online store as well.

Start your marketing campaign with Heraldbee today!


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