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Google Shopping Articles Roundup


The autumn has arrived, which means it’s the time of the year perfect for learning new things and staying home to read with a cup of hot tea. That’s why Heraldbee comes with a bunch of inspirational articles to fill up your time! This time we prepared hot news from the e-commerce world, some useful tips and a lot of knowledge. Let’s begin!



1. Find the best prices and places to buy with Google Shopping – by Surojit Chatterjee

We have to start with the hottest news of last week, which is the new, redesigned Google Shopping experience. The most important change is the price tracking but that’s not all. Check full announcement at the source, which is a blog post by Surojit Chatterjee, Google’s Vice President.

2. Could a Revamped Google Shopping Shake Up the Holiday Retail Wars? – by Kate Nishimura

To follow up on the topic of the new Google Shopping we recommend an article from the Sourcing Journal. Kate Nishimura analyses the impact of changes on the Holiday season fever.

3. The 2019 Ecommerce Holiday Readiness Checklist: Technical and Marketing Preparedness — from Local to Global – by Corinne Watson

We have something for the holiday season preparations as well. It’s time already to come up with a marketing strategy for this occasion and Corinne Watson is here to help you. It’s a long article with tons of useful tips about different types of advertising. Social media, SEO, loyalty programs or seasonal promotions – you’ll find everything in there. Just read and make use of it!

4. The Rise of AI in Ecommerce – by Jamie Mullis

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic in almost every discipline nowadays. It’s no different with e-commerce and it’s inevitable. So it’s best to learn how to benefit from it the most. The author of this article explains how AI can affect e-commerce, how to use it to increase sales.

5. How to Choose Your First E-Commerce Product – by Aimee Tariq

“If you’ve been wondering when to get into e-commerce, the answer is now.” – this is the first sentence of the article. So, have you been wondering? If yes, check the article. Aimee Tariq advises how to choose the first e-commerce product which should be the initial step on the way to a successful online store.

6. The Best Google Shopping Guide: An eCommerce Company’s Best Friend – by Dan Pratt

In the previous Roundups, we recommended many Google Shopping guides, but it’s never enough of basic knowledge. Such articles are great for new Google Shopping users to familiarize themselves with the topic but also for experienced users to refresh the knowledge.


We’ve recently posted an article on our blog about the biggest marketplaces in different regions of the world. We believe it’s selling on a marketplace is a good option for most of the e-commerce businesses. Click the link above to read what Piers McEwan thinks about it. He reviews the pros and cons of one specific marketplace (Amazon) and an independent e-commerce website.

8. The power of an ecommerce blog – by Elizabeth Hollingsworth

A blog is a great addition to every e-commerce shop. It drives traffic to the store and shows your customers that you know a lot about the industry you work in. If you want to learn about other advantages of having a blog associated with your website, check out this article. The author has a blog of her own as well so she definitely knows what she’s writing about.



That’s it for today. To the authors of all the recommended articles – thank you, guys! And to all our readers – have you come across an interesting and educational article lately? Don’t hesitate to share it with us in the comments. Until the next Roundup!


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