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10 E-commerce and Marketing Conferences You Should Attend in 2020


Conferences we mention in this post:


Why is it worth attending an industry conference?

E-commerce and marketing industries are constantly changing. It is a characteristic feature of any business, but in those areas, it’s even more noticeable, as they are strongly connected with new technologies. That’s why, everyone who wants to be up to date with news and changes should never stop learning, reading, talking to people that know more and have more experience. One way to do all of it at one is to participate in a conference.

Conferences are a great opportunity to:

– follow technological trends and changes

– learn about new tools that can support business

– network and meet new people

– present your product

– find inspiration for your business

As you see, participation in the conference is not only knowledge but also a huge dose of motivation for further work. We always come back from such events charged with positive energy and with our heads full of new ideas. It’s an investment that definitely pays off!



Conferences are a great source of knowledge, inspirations and contacts


Best E-commerce conferences in 2020

Many exciting meetings and events related to e-commerce or marketing take place every month in different locations around the world. Choosing the one that will be most useful for you is extremely difficult. To help with that, we have prepared a list of 10 conferences which we think are the most valuable and we highly recommend them.

1. Shoptalk

The first event, Shoptalk, happens in March already. So if you want to take part in it, hurry up and buy tickets soon! It’s definitely worth it. The conference takes place every year in Las Vegas and gathers individuals and companies whose primary focus is on the retail process.  Retailers, branded manufacturers, startups, tech companies, investors, media, and analysts meet on Shoptalk to discuss the way consumers discover, shop, and buy. The conference doesn’t focus on a single area, on the contrary, it covers different types of products, so there is undoubtedly something for everyone.

Interestingly, in 2020, all speakers at the event will be women. As the organizers say, they believe this “move is necessary to propel our industry forward and showcase the many incredibly talented women who are working to transform retail from all angles.” Sounds great for us! A very original initiative, so it’s all the more worth being there.

When: 22-25 March 2020

Where: Las Vegas

Price: $3,850

Keynote speakers: Laurie Weisberg, Leslie Leifer, Alex Nelson, Cherry Miao, Silvija Martincevic, Nancy Cota

2. Commerce Next

Commerce Next is a huge conference taking place in New York. More than 100 speakers, over 1200 attendees, and 50 sessions. And what is their main topic? Commerce Next focuses primarily on customer acquisition. As they write on their website, this is the topic that e-commerce leaders are most interested in. In response to these needs, the aim of the conference is “helping the industry navigate and succeed in this fast-paced, high stakes world”.

Taking part in Commerce Next, you will have a chance to listen to stories from executives of the largest retail companies in the world, as well as creators of innovative technology businesses. Both speakers and attendees are people with a lot of experience and professional background. In combination with perfectly selected topics and exhibitors, they create an event at a very high level. These two days full of knowledge and contacts cannot be missed.

When: 28-29 July 2020

Where: New York


Through June 1st – $795

June 2nd to July 30th -$995

Onsite – $1295

Keynote speakers: Web Smith, Emily Boschwitz, Barkha Saxena, Danielle Boeglin, Rebecca Traverzo

3. SMX Conferences

SMX London

Search marketing is currently one of the most important elements of digital marketing. After all, what online businesses care about most is visibility for customers. So if you want to learn how to improve your search marketing strategy, this three-day conference is something for you. It’s important to mention that  SMX London is suitable for everybody, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

The agenda of the event is created by Search Engine Land, one of the most important platforms on the Internet, specialized in the broad subject of marketing. So you can be sure that presentations and workshops will cover the most current topics and will be full of useful knowledge. The main areas of focus are SEO, SEM and online marketing.

When: 19-20 May 2020

Where: London


Super Early Bird (ending February 8) – £995

Early Bird (ending April 12) – £1195

On-Site – £1395

Gain 15% discount with this code:


Speakers: Olga Andrienko, Samantha Barnes, Kevin Gibbons, Andrew Goodman, Sandhya Guntreddy

SMX Munich

If you can’t wait for May, you should definitely go to SMX Munich. The theme of the event is the same as in London – it’s entirely dedicated to different aspects of search marketing. Two conference days, more than 60 sessions, 5 workshops and 14 tracks covering different topics, such as SEO, PPC, Content, Analytics & Data and more. Over 80 speakers and more than 1600 attendees make it a huge event, but you can still feel the community atmosphere.

What’s more, the SMX will host the sixth annual SEMY Awards. The Marketing Award gives the best and most creative teams in online marketing the chance to win a prestigious award for their achievements. The nominees will present their campaigns to the SMX audience who will vote for the winner.

When: 18-19 March 2020

Where: Munich

Price: Depending on the pass

Gold Pass Full price (ending March 15) – €2358

Gold Pass On-Site – €2458

Gain 15% discount with this code:


Speakers: Jono Alderson, Tom Anthony, Jason Barnard, Mike Blumenthal, Michelle Broderick



E-commerce is changing so it’s necessary to keep up with the new trends


4. B2B Online

This conference truly connects the two sides – e-commerce and digital marketing. It’s a world-leading event for manufacturers and distributors where they can meet and learn. The agenda is packed with conferences, talks, and discussions prepared by the leaders of B2B businesses across the globe. What participants appreciate the most is the community atmosphere and the fact that everybody is very keen to share their knowledge and experiences. The event is highly interactive and provides meaningful insight into the current trends and upcoming industry changes.

When: 20-22 April 2020

Where: Chicago

Price: Depending on the profile

Keynote speakers: Victoria Morrisey, Badri Narayanan, Nishant Nishant, Mark Jordan, Steve Baruch, Diane Hund

5. Marketing Analytics Summit

Where digital analysts, marketing technologists and growth architects master marketingdata to create an impact! Marketing Analytics Summit offers tons of interesting meetings and workshops directed to digital marketing users. You’ll learn how to collect the data you need, how to analyze it correctly, what tools can help you with that and how to make use of the conclusions. Data is the key to run a successful marketing strategy these days, so we highly recommend this event.

Some of the presentations on the agenda include AI in Marketing, Google Analytics, Building Predictive Models, Analyzing Analytics Process or From Analytics to Data Science. The organizers promise Marketing Analytics Summit will be the most intellectually stimulating, engaging, and career-altering event you have ever attended!

When: 20-21 October 2020

Where: London


Super Early Bird (ending June 12) – £1245

Early Bird (ending September 4) – £1445

Normal Price (ending October 19) – £1545

On-Site – £1645

Gain 15% discount with this code:


Keynote speakers: TBA

6. Email Innovations Summit

If you want to improve your email marketing campaign, this is the conference to attend. The Email Innovations Summit is designed to make you the smartest person in the room. From the latest advances in acquisition techniques to going beyond responsive design, the Innovations Summit will explore, educate, and discuss the cutting edge of email marketing trends. Educate yourself on the latest strategies that will drive tomorrow’s results, including the latest trends in data driven subject lines to drive increased engagement.

By exploring, educating, and discussing the cutting edge of email marketing trends, the Email Innovations Summit is  designed to take your Email Marketing career to the next level.

When: 20-21 October 2020

Where: London


Super Early Bird (ending June 12) – £1245

Early Bird (ending September 4) – £1445

Normal Price (ending October 19) – £1545

On-Site – £1645

Gain 15% discount with this code:


Keynote speakers: TBA

7. Affiliate Summit East 2020

This event is focused on yet another marketing area – affiliate marketing. There will be sessions for beginners in this topic, so that they can learn how to enter the affiliate marketing world, as well as a lot of content for advanced marketers. The agenda is set on two things: presentations from experts and networking. What organizers want is to give attendees an opportunity to learn about affiliate marketing but also to talk to people from this industry, exchange opinions, say a few words about their ideas and businesses.

During two days of Affiliate Summit East (28-29), an exhibition hall is open as well. It’s a place where individuals and companies can exhibit their businesses. It’s a great opportunity to generate the lead, raise brand awareness and, in general, let people know what you’re doing and what services you offer.

When: 27-29 July 2020

Where:  New York



NETWORKING – $159 (ending  April 5)

NETWORKING PLUS – $259 (ending  April 5)

VIP – $559 (ending  April 5)

Keynote speakers:  TBA

8. Paris Retail Week

After a few marketing conferences, here’s another e-commerce event. Paris Retail Week is one of the biggest conferences in Europe focused on the entire e-commerce process. Through presentations, workshops, exhibitions, pitches, and guided tours, attendees will have an opportunity to learn, share experiences and get to know the best practices in the industry.

This year’s edition brings 200 talks and discussions, 1000 business meeting and 600 exhibitors. Participants include beginners and professionals, people from buying process and retailers, investors and new companies looking for support, product managers, suppliers, marketing specialists. It’s a must-go for everybody involved in e-commerce business in one way or another.

When: 15-17 September 2020

Where: Paris

Price: Free access for holders of an entry badge ordered online beforehand or in possession of an invitation card

Keynote speakers: TBA



Workshop during industry conferences are a chance to learn about business from leading excecutives


9. Ecommerce Expo

Ecommerce Expo is another event fully dedicated to the e-commerce industry. These are two days of conferences, presentations, exhibitions, and networking. It’s a perfect place to discover what’s going on in the e-commerce world and discuss the challenges this industry is facing. What’s more, the event is co-located with Technology for Marketing and Ad: Tech London events, so you can attend all of them. And since e-commerce, marketing and technology cannot work one without the others, surely it’s going to be beneficial for your business.

Many leading e-commerce related companies, such as IBM, Amazon, Magento or RoyalMail group attend this event, so it’s a great opportunity to learn how the best on the market do their business.

When: 30 September – 1 October 2020

Where: London

Price: Free, requires registration

Keynote speakers: TBA

10. RetailX

As the organizers say, RetailX is “where you’ll discover the physical and digital retail solutions needed to optimize your business in the ever-transforming retail landscape.” There’s no doubt the e-commerce industry, as well as offline retail, are constantly changing and that retailers should keep up with the changes in order to achieve success. RetailX is a perfect place to find out how to do it. Speakers at the conference will cover the following topics: Retail as a Service, Physical Stores for Digital Native Brands, Getting Social with Shipping, Shopping with AI and AR Technology, The Rise of Re-commerce and Pop-ups and Curated Marketplaces among others.

When: 9-11 June 2020

Where: Chicago


Early Bird (ending March 31) – $2099

Advanced (ending May 31) – $2299

On-Site – $2499

Keynote speakers:  Tom McGee, Zak Normandin, Joan King, Josh Luber


BONUS: Savant eCommerce

The last conference that we see as a must-attend event is actually a series of conferences in different cities such as Amsterdam, Stockholm, London, Paris, Barcelona or Berlin, among others. Each of them is organized at different times of the year, so you can attend the one that is the most convenient for you.

What’s interesting, is the fact that each of these events, apart from covering the key topics related to e-commerce worldwide, dedicates part of the content to the specific area. For example, the Amsterdam event analyses the shape of Benelux e-commerce, Stockholm one focuses on the Nordics industry and so on. Hence, it provides a deeper insight into these regions, so we believe it would be very productive for you to attend the one in which you’re running a business.

When: Different dates

Where: Different places

Price: Depending on the event

Keynote speakers: Different depending on the place



Attending conferences should be on the to do list of every e-commerce business owner


All right, that’s the list of events we recommend. We’re going to attend some of them as well, and we really can’t wait. Let us know if you plan to participate in any of the conferences. We strongly encourage you to go, it’s a great opportunity to learn, share experience and get inspired. An if you already have been to such an event, we’re looking forward to hearing your observations!

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  • Stefania Oprea
    13 April 2020

    Thanks for sharing this comprehensive list, Paul, it’s really helpful.

    Just wanted to put another fantastic event on your radar – CommerceNOW. Taking place on June 10-11, this is an online event focused around digital commerce for SaaS and online businesses.

    We have a fantastic line-up this year, featuring industry experts like Trevor Hatfield, Aleyda Solis, Talia Wolf and leading companies including Microsoft, SEMrush, Dropbox, and many more.

    Did I mention it’s free to attend?

    If you like it, maybe add it to your list as well? ?


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