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Reviews in WooCommerce Store – Best Plugins


Customers’ trust is one of the fundaments of the success of any business selling all kinds of products and services. This also applies to online shops. Customers’ trust can be gained in many ways, including over the top customer service, on-time delivery, high-quality products or secure payments. All these factors are extremely important and affect the company’s image. Today, however, we would like to mention one more, equally important aspect, which is reviews.


Why are customer reviews important for an e-commerce store?

Reviews left by customers who have used the services of a given online store create a so-called social proof. It is a socio-psychological phenomenon, which shows in people’s behavior, namely relying on other people’s opinion when making a decision.


Reviews are extremely important, because customers rely on them when making decisions


Remember the last time you bought something online. What were your first steps? In the vast majority of cases, when people want to buy something, it’s important for them to know what others think about the product. Most of the customers, before making a purchase, seek confirmation that it’s of high quality and meets expectations of people who have ordered it before. The more positive feedback they find, the easier and quicker they make their decision. For shop owners, this means nothing more than an increase in sales.


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Customer reviews don’t just increase conversions. An additional advantage of text reviews (and not just ratings) is the fact that they provide potential customers with a lot of important information. Pictures and product descriptions are not always sufficient. Even if shops ensure that their products are of good quality, shoppers are aware that these are biased opinions. It’s only when they see that actual customers confirm these assurances that their level of trust grows. That’s because users often describe how the product looks in real life, whether it’s durable or easy to use. This way, they verify the store’s offer.

It’s worth to observe customer reviews also for another reason. By expressing their opinions, buyers explain what is important to them in the product, what they pay attention to, what satisfies them and what doesn’t. It’s invaluable feedback that can be used in the further development of both the product and the whole business.


Almost 85% of customers reads reviews on online stores’ websites Source: technokarak.com


How to activate reviews in the WooCommerce store?

If you have a shop built with WooCommerce, you can easily and quickly give your customers the possibility to leave their feedback.

✓ From the admin panel of the website, go to the Settings tab in the WooCommerce section.

✓ Then scroll through the page to the Reviews section and select the features you are interested in. We recommend selecting all available options.


Source: commercegurus.com/woocommerce-reviews/#


Note, that as an admin, you must manage your reviews just like the comments to blog posts. It means, for example, approve or reject them.


Best plugins to manage reviews in WooCommerce store

1. Stamped

The first plugin we recommend is Stamped. With its help, you can easily collect all kinds of feedback from clients (opinions, ratings, comments) and use it to increase the number of conversions.


Stamped.io - app for reviews in e-commerce store

Source: stamped.io


Stamped, first of all, sends emails to customers who have just bought a product asking them for their opinion about it. Emails are sent automatically and contain a form to fill in. Stores can change the content of the form depending on the product sold. In addition, Stamped offers the ability to send SMS, ask for feedback at checkout and launch a bot in the Messenger application, used to rate purchases even faster.

Stamped not only helps you collect reviews but also makes it easier to present them in different places on the store’s website – in a dedicated section, on the main page, on the product’s page or in a shopping cart.

The appearance of emails and review sections in the store can be customized to match the overall brand design.

$$$ Stamped prices vary between $0 (for small shops, max. 50 orders/month) and $199/month (for large, developed companies).


2. Judge.me

Judge.me is another great plugin offering similar services as Stamped. Shop owners can create a message template with a request for a rating, which Judge.me, in turn, sends to former and current customers using various available forms of contact, such as email, SMS, the shop’s website or notifications. Thanks to this, the chance of receiving feedback increases.

As a result, the number of new customers also grows, as they see ratings issued by others in different places on the shop’s website. Judge.me makes sure that opinions are visible not only on product pages but also on the home page or even on Facebook.



$$$ Judge.me is available in two pricing plans – a free one and a paid one. Both allow you to receive an unlimited number of reviews, but the latter offers more additional services.


3. Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a platform that helps gain feedback from customers and properly display it on the website. What’s more, the plugin also gives the ability to manage and analyze ratings.


Trustpilot - app for reviews in e-commerce store

Source: trustpilot.com


Similarly to previous platforms, Trustpilot sends messages to customers asking for feedback about the product they bought. With Trustpilot, customers can also expect a reminder of this request, if they haven’t issued an opinion the first time. This significantly increases the chance of success in this area.

Received feedback is presented on the main website, pages or even in the newsletter. It is also worth mentioning that Trustpilot is an official Google Review Partner. This means that verified Trustpilot reviews are taken into consideration in Google Seller Rating and Bing Merchant Reviews.

$$$ The basic version of the plugin is free of charge, but there are also paid pricing plans from $349/ month to $599/month, as well as, a Custom Plan.


4. Yotpo

Yotpo not only advertises itself as an opinion management platform but also as an eCommerce Marketing Platform. This means that the team behind offers a more extensive range of services. It includes ratings and reviews, but also loyalty programs, recommendations and visual marketing.

With Yotpo, stores can collect reviews and ratings and use them to win new sales. The plugin also has a built-in system for launching loyalty programs and recommendations. Such features encourage customers to return to the shop and recommend the store to their friends.


Yotpo - app for reviews in e-commerce store

Source: yotpo.com


As a partner of Google, Facebook and Instagram, Yotpo offers reviews visibility on many platforms, and thus the ability to generate organic and paid traffic from different sites.

$$$ Like Stomped, Yotpo has a free pricing plan for up to 50 sales a month. In addition, stores with larger needs can benefit from a Premium plan, the price of which is set individually for each business.


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