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Let’s Start the Google Shopping Articles Roundup!


Hello from our tiny space in the beautiful e-commerce world! Today we’re going to start something new on our blog – a roundup of the best articles about Google Shopping Ads!

There’s no need to explain what Google Shopping Ads exactly are, it’s obvious. In this article roundup, we’d like to dive into this subject and share the best piece of knowledge from the most widely read blogs and other resources.

But before we start, we want to say thank you for all the authors we included here! Thank you for sharing the best Google Shopping tips you know, teaching us something new every day.

Hope you, our readers, find these article interesting and useful!


Ok, let’s start the Google Shopping Articles roundup!


1. Everything You Need to Know About Google Shopping Campaigns – by Emily Campbell

This article is actually a Google Shopping Ads subject in a nutshell – perfect guide for everyone who just started his journey with this platform or needs to have everything in one place. Here you’ll find step-by-step instruction on how to set up your first campaign, the benefits of creating these campaigns and more.

2. Dropshipping Secrets: Why Google Shopping Wins Over Facebook Ads – by Dropshipping Club

For those who don’t like reading manuals and prefer the more vivid way of explaining the subject, we found a Youtube video from Dropshipping Club! They compare Google Shopping Ads with Facebook Ads – find out why it brings more profit, and it’s a better option for your dropshipping store!

3. Why Google’s Smart Shopping Campaigns Change Everything – by Rajat Prakash

Let’s say it – Google Shopping Campaign is a game changer. Makes shopping smarter, helps to save the time and works automatically. In this article, Rajat Prakash delivers more benefits of setting up and running GSA campaigns – click on the link below and read his thoughts!

4. Shopping ads for the small budget: Here’s what to expect in 2019 – by Kirk Williams

Do you want to set up a Google Shopping Campaign but suffer from a lack of money? No problem! Kirk Williams tells you what to expect and advises how to run this kind of ad, even if your budget is restricted.

5. Google Shopping is largest growth opportunity for most online retailers in 2019 – by Andy Taylor

Another article from Search Engine Land worth mention! Andy Talor explains why Google Shopping Ads is the best way to help retailers appear in as many queries as possible. Read the article and find out if his point of view convince you!

6. Setting Up ‘Promotions’ in Google Shopping – by Robert Brady

Do you want to set up Shopping Ad and promotions in Google Merchant Center, but don’t know exactly how to do it? No problem! Robert Brady prepared a short but full of advice article describing the entire process. Click on the link below and follow the steps described there!

7. The Complete Google Shopping Ads Guide For Retailers 2019 – by Greg Swan

This post is everything the Google Shopping Ads beginner needs! Greg Swan prepared a complete guide on how to optimize your product feed, segment your campaign structure, use multiple bid strategies, improve your audience targeting and many, many more. All that remains is to say thanks to the author – we’re impressed!

8. How To Sell Your Products on Google Shopping – by Peasquared

Yes, we know that we went through this subject over a million times, but let’s face it – sometimes we need to read many manuals or watch a hundred of tutorials to understand the issue or find that way of explaining it that suits us best. Besides the tips on how to set up the campaign, here you’ll also find the tools for easier Google Shopping feed management!

9. Google’s ‘Shopping Actions’ Program – by Dan Ochwat

This is actually more a piece of news rather than a full article, but it describes what is actually the Google’s “Shopping Actions” program, first leveraged by Nike and Sephora.

10. These 11 Stores Are Killing It On Google Shopping (Case Studies) – by Dennis

The last but the best, because of the examples delivered here! In this article, Dennis from Store Growers Team shares eleven Google Shopping Case Studies of customers from small and large businesses. We won’t say you more, just click on the link below and read the post!


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And that’s it! But don’t be afraid, the Google Shopping Articles roundup will return here. This was just a teaser – there are and will be many more great posts explaining the secrets of GSA, delivering the best tips on how to run a successful campaign or proving that this product listing platform is the best way to promote your e-commerce business.

Presented above are just a handful of selected, top Google Shopping Experts that you should get familiar with if you want to improve your sales on Shopify. Once you do, make sure to use the Heraldbee App to increase those numbers even more!

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