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Comparison Listing Ads – a New Google Shopping Update


We’ve decided to start a new, exciting series called Google Shopping Update! As the name suggests, we will write about all the updates and novelties from the Google Shopping world. Google introduces changes regularly and there are also many features still to be discovered about the Google Shopping Ads. Luckily, from now on, thanks to the Heralbee Update, you can keep track of everything!


What are Comparison Listing Ads?

We’ll start with a recently announced update – Comparison Listing Ads (CLAs). It’s a new option available for the participants of the CSS Program (Comparison Shopping Services Program). CLAs allow them to set up ads composed of groups of products. Users will be able to create product listing pages (featuring many products) on their websites. The product listing pages will then be used as a source for carousel ads visible in the search page.

“In addition to the carousel of Shopping ads that is shown on Google general search results pages, a second carousel of Comparison Listing ads may appear. People can switch between the ‘Products’ view, which shows Shopping ads, and the ‘Comparison sites’ view, which shows Comparison Listing ads.” – as we read on Google’s website.



Source: google.com

Important facts about Comparison Listing Ads:

  • Google recommends associating CLAs with huge groups of products at the beginning (even thousands of them). The campaign owner should then observe the results and adjust the number accordingly.
  • CLAs use maximum CPC bid, independent from regular shopping ads campaign cost. Bids are set up by groups of products.
  • CLAs are still in the beta phase. For now, they are available in Germany, France and the Netherlands. More European countries will join them soon.
  • Comparison Listing Ads are separate from traditional Google Shopping results.
  • They can be set up in the Google Ads account.


Comparison Listing Ads are a new addition to Google Shopping tools. Campaign owners may now start using them and test their potential. We certainly have to wait for the results and first opinions. We are looking forward to seeing the impact of the new tool on the Google Shopping Ads industry. Let us know if you have any thoughts already!


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