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E-commerce & Google Shopping Articles Roundup


We’re coming back with our old, but rebranded series! We’ve decided to change its name from Google Shopping Articles Roundup to E-commerce & Google Shopping Articles Roundup, as we believe the new one fully reflects its content.

If this is the first time you come across our article, here’s an explanation: E-commerce & Google Shopping Articles Roundup is a series of posts on our blog where we recommend inspiring and educational articles related to e-commerce and Google Shopping Ads. Previous episodes are to be found here Roundup in case you’d like to catch up.



Let’s start with this week’s recommendations!

1. Google Ads Brings New Sets of Data to Shopping Campaigns – by Matt Southern

In the beginning, we have a few updates from the Google Shopping world. Google has introduced a new tool to Shopping analytics, namely Cart Data Report. Matt, from Search Engine Journal explains how to enable this report and what data you can get out of it.

2. What you need to know about Google Merchant Center identifier enforcement updates – by Ginny Marvin

Another change Google has made recently concerns the Google Merchant Center and its identifiers. Ginny Marvin provides an update on it and gives a few tips on how to avoid mistakes when it comes to UPIs and GTINs.

3. Google Shopping Holiday Forecasts for YOUR Industry – by Mark Irvine

Do you have your own online store? Probably you do since you’re here. If so, the best you can do for your business right now is to get ready for the holiday season. Click the link to do just that! WordStream has prepared a very helpful Google Shopping Holiday Forecast for 12 major industries.

4. Google Shopping Helps You Find And Track The Best Prices And Stores – by TJ McCue

Here’s another great article from Forbes. We recommended one already last time. This week they report on the new shopping search tool from Google. It gives users the possibility to find the best prices of the products they want to buy and track them. The author explains the process and checks it himself.

5. How to Increase eCommerce Sales by Spending Less with Google CSS – by Alex Major

This article focuses on the Google Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) and the opportunities it brings in terms of e-commerce marketing. If you’re curious about how the CSS work and how to use them, this is something for you.

6. 5 Ecommerce Factors that Can Come Back to Haunt You – by Hanna Juley

Since last week has been a Halloween week, we have a haunting article as well. Well, not literally, but Hanna Juley has prepared a list of factors that may haunt you if you don’t take care of them well. Click the link only if you like scary things!

7. Why ecommerce and brick-and-mortar are good together – by Kevin Reis

E-commerce business seems to be growing like never before, but does it mean that brick-and-mortar shops are doomed to failure? Not necessarily. From this article, you can learn that customers still like to do shopping offline and that shop owners can benefit from a combination of both online and offline sales. Click the link to see how.

8. How to Use Instagram Stories in eCommerce [101 Guide For Beginners] – by Sasha Irvin

In the e-commerce business, there are many ways of staying in contact with your customers. Emails, newsletters, store’s website, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), etc. While all of them are equally important, Instagram has become more popular than others lately. That’s why we finish today’s roundup with an Instagram stories guide. Click the link and you’ll learn how to make the most out of them.



That’s right, this is the end of this week’s E-commerce & Google Shopping Articles Roundup. As always, we want to say thank you to the authors – great articles guys!

We’ll make sure to come up with an equally interesting list next time, so stay tuned!


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