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Google Shopping Articles Roundup


The time has come for our blog series called Google Shopping Articles Roundup. This is where the whole Heraldbee team shares interesting and inspiring content related to Google Shopping Ads and e-commerce. It’s a great opportunity for us to create a big library full of valuable knowledge.  Previous editions can be found by clicking the hashtag Roundup on the blog. Ok, let’s begin with this week’s list of the links.


1. 7 Secrets to Success With Google Ads – by Travis Marziani

Last time we started with a podcast, so this week, we’ll kick off with a YouTube video. Seven tips in seven minutes from Travis Marziani. In this short video, he mentions things that a beginner in Google Ads should pay attention too. Among them are negative keywords, mobile traffic trick, retargeting and Google Shopping. Click the link to watch it!

2. Google Ads’ Optimization Score Now Includes Shopping Campaigns – by Barry Schwartz

Search Engine Roundtable reports on the changes within Google Ads optimization scores. Short read but very important for all Google Shopping users.

3. The Hidden Opportunity for Ecommerce Websites in Google Images – by Raj Nijjer

Raj from Search Engine Journal is describing recent changes in Google Images and their potential influence on e-commerce businesses. And since the possibilities will be significant the author advises what to do with product images to benefit from Google’s updates.

4. 40 Ecommerce Statistics Every Retailer Should Know in 2019 – by Ivana Vojinovic

This article is all about the numbers, but don’t be afraid! The author lists a lot of super interesting statistics for e-commerces including general and mobile trends and the marketing-related data. It’s both fun and educational to read! To give you a sneak peek, you’ll learn that by 2021, 53.9% of all US retail eCommerce is expected to be generated through mobile commerce or that 50% of millennials prefer to shop in-store. For more, click the link.

5. How Conversational Chatbots Marketing is the Future of eCommerce – by Himanshu Rauthan

You’ve probably experienced a customer service provided by a chatbot if you shop online regularly. For some people it’s irritating, for others helpful, some customers don’t even notice it’s a chatbot. Thanks to this article, you can find out why is a conversational chatbot such a strong trend in e-commerce nowadays and why is it the future of this industry.



That’s all we’ve prepared for you today. Hopefully, you’ve found something interesting and you’ve broadened your knowledge with Heraldbee. In case you’ve come across another inspiring article, feel free to share it in the comments! And of course, as always, thank you to the authors for their great work.

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