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How to Create a Landing Page that Converts?


From this post you’ll find out:

1. What is a landing page?

2. What should a landing page consist of?

3. How to optimize a landing page?


What is a landing page?

First of all the landing page is not a homepage. At least it shouldn’t be in most cases. A landing page is a dedicated website on which a potential customer lands after clicking the ad. If the ad draws their attention, landing page is the next stage of their journey. The goal of a landing page is to convince your visitors to do exactly what you want them to do and show them how to do it.

Since we want to focus on e-commerce landing pages for Google Shopping Ads, the most essential advice to remember is that a landing page has to match the ad content. Otherwise, a customer will leave feeling disappointed and deceived.

Google established certain rules and requirements for landing pages for Google Shopping Ads. If not followed, products are disapproved in Google Ads. The information about it can be found in the Diagnostics tab.


The goal of a landing page is to convince your visitors to do exactly what you want them to do.


What should a landing page consist of?

Basic elements imposed by Google include title, description, image, price, currency, availability and a buy button.  The description needs to be concise but at the same time, it should characterize the product accurately. When it comes to images, store owners should make sure to go for high-quality photos and displaying products from different perspectives. Last, but not least, a buy button needs to be contrastive with the rest of the page to attract customers’ attention.

Apart from Google’s requirements, we recommend adding some kind of social proof, which always increases customers’ trust. In the case of an e-commerce store, the best option is including customers’ reviews. Most of the clients not only read the reviews, but they trust them and are more willing to buy something if the reviews are positive.


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How to optimize a landing page?

✓ Prepare two versions of a landing page’s URL, one for desktop users and one for mobile users. Each of them will be then shown to appropriate customers, depending on the device they use.

✓ Make it simple. This way, you’ll avoid distracting customers from the main goal of visiting this website which is making a purchase. Don’t include too much text, make the content meaningful, focus on simple messages and corresponding visuals.

✓ Use as few redirecting links as possible. Taking a user from the ad, straight to the landing page is the most effective scenario.

✓ Add conversions tracking to all the landing pages. This will help you optimize them on all levels by seeing what are the actions of your customers. By learning from where do they come, what do they click on or at what stage do they leave the website, you can improve the quality of the landing page and increase the conversion rate.

✓ In many cases, it is also advised to remove site navigation from a landing page. This eliminates the temptation to click something else than the buy button. However, the choice here really depends on your preferences. It may be good to leave customers the possibility to explore your store as well.

Choose the right platform for the e-commerce store. In case you need help with it, feel free to check our article about the best platforms to build an e-commerce store or contact us via contact@heraldbee.com. We can assist in building an online store. There are also specific tools for building landing pages.


A landing page is a specific website including the right message for the audience.



A landing page is a specific website including the right message for the audience. It should be the closing act of a sale. Google Shopping Ads are driving traffic to the store, but it depends on the landing page if they convert into sales. By following the above recommendations, a store owner can increase the conversion rate even by several dozen percent. So it’s definitely worth the effort.

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